In 2003 Thomas Gerald Olney, Age 58 of Clinton Way in Yakima, WA was registered as a Tier Level I Sex Offender. While Tom’s 6 felony convictions of sexual assault and child rape might sound like something that would brand him as a sex offender for the rest of his life, the truth is that Tier I requires that the offender only be registered for at least 15 years, with annual verification of registration information.

That means that in 2018 Tom was able to begin a life free of the registry due to the help of our unjust legal system. As long as Tom is in society children around him are not safe and his residence being within a block of a school leaves children especially at risk.

This website exists to help raise awareness that this monster and many others like him live in our community and that as long as they are out there that our children are not safe.